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Design that is not influenced by performance

Design that is not influenced by performance
Particular attention has been paid to the placing of buildings in the environment by adopting strategies aimed at the preservation of existing olive trees (these having been relocated well in advance before the constructions site started work and now have resumed normal vegetative life), the minimization of works of construction (part of the land and the stones that were removed were reused on the site) and maintaining a high level of permeability of all the exposed parts (through the use of vegetation and gravel paving).

In order to explore the full potential, the design of the buildings provided that the following points be taken into consideration:

• A curved wooden roof on the southern front, ensuring protection from the summer sun and winter access to the ensuring the exploitation of passive solar inputs, and towards the North to allow the use of arcades in uncertain weather conditions;

• A big aluminium wall built towards the road for “protect” the buildings, and as a "sign" of the project;

• A double volume loft with glass and steel building unit 1;

• A finish of ventilated facades and roofs with low environmental impact, with reduced and or absent maintenance with a reasonable cost-benefit analysis;

• Building "dry", the S / R (structure-coating) internal and external, to minimize the drying time and to reduce maintenance costs;

• The use of extended (wherever reasonably possible) construction materials might they be insulation and natural finishes, recycled and / or recyclable.


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