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High resistance to seismic events

Structural concept
One of the key points of the project was to ensure adequate security against earthquakes (considering that the construction area has a high seismic activity), both for the safety of the residents, but also reduction of possible damage.

In order to comply to this need we used a structural model of mixed type:

• It had to be lightweight to ensure the reduction of the mass (for the floors and roofs) and external cladding, through the adoption of construction techniques to frame / panels and beams / planks crossed wooden bracket / steel: lightness and rigidity at the same time;

• And heavy regarding the level of internal ribbing in reinforced concrete and steel structures to ensure adequate stability and minimization of the kinematical motion possibly induced by an earthquake or other extreme natural events (wind, etc).

All structural components with significant behaviour in terms of heat loss, have been placed in thermally insulated positions and / or jointed systems with thermal cut out structure towards to outside.


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