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Reducing overall energy consumption

Heat bridge reduction
Another of the key points of the project was to minimize the costs of energy management.

From this perspective, the choice of  a standard passive house seemed the most obvious one, respect to the guarantee of the effective costs (and proven / certified) significantly reduced of energy management (up to 10/15 fold lower than "normal" buildings).

The choice of using a structural model and constructive light type and S / R, suggested the adoption of insulating materials and control systems of thermal phenomena relative to humidity, with a balance between their performance in winter and summer, and the search for architectural, construction and engineering materials that can provide a similar balance.

a) An opaque envelope and thermal insulation

The main structure of reinforced concrete and steel and secondary timber, you set an envelope (roof and exterior curtain walls) consisting of frames in wood treated with natural products, connected by wooden planks or panels, thermal insulation layer fiber Wood density varies in relation to exposure.

b) The transparent envelope

 The frames used are mixed wood (interior) and aluminium (outside), with interposed insulating foam insulation and thermal function (Uw overall average of less than 0.90 W / mqK). The windows are of a triple low emissive cavity type.


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